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How to prepare for a BBW hookup the right way

nitaJust like with many things in life there are two ways to do things. You could do things the easy way, or you could do things the hard way. Similarly you can do things the right way, or you could do things the wrong way. This applies to all aspects of your life, and it definitely applies to the art of the BBW hookup. Sadly, too many guys play the game by the seat of their pants and they end up with a less than satisfying experience. In many cases, they end up alone, rejected, watching BBW porn, and jerking off.

If you don’t want to end the night that way, you need to prepare for your BBW hookup the right way. Just because you got a hookup doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get laid. That’s the bottom line. Unfortunately, a lot of guys fall into the common trap of thinking that just because they’re going on a date with a BBW, they are going on a date with a desperate person. No, that person that you’re going on a date with isn’t so appreciative that she would automatically jump on your dick. You need to bring your game, you need to step up. Otherwise, you’re going to blow it.


Bring stamina


You need to bring the kind of energy and stamina that she needs. Otherwise, she’s just wasting her time with you. If she wants to have sex with a guy who ejaculates upon hearing her voice, she could have stayed at home. You need to bring stamina. You need to get hard and stay hard, or stay home.


Bring protection


This piece of advice applies to any kind of hookup. I don’t care if you are hooking up with college chicks, MILFs, BBWs, anybody in between. You need to bring protection. Don’t assume that the woman will bring it, also the case with a BBWHookup.


Bring your sense of humor and charm


Just because you’re going to be banging a BBW doesn’t mean that you just go straight to business. Tease her a little bit, share a few laughs. Bring your wit, your charm, and your sense of joy. It’s all about having a good time. You have to get her to laugh and have a good time with you. Otherwise, she’s not going to call you back. Otherwise, she wouldn’t want to suck your dick in the future.

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